Encore Container Experiences Significant Growth In IBC Totes Division

Greenville, SC - June 6, 2014 - Encore Container, a leading reconditioner of IBC totes and a manufacturer and reconditioner of plastic drums, today announced notable industry growth that coincides with the company’s two-year anniversary in business. Their North American client-base cites Encore Container’s excellent customer service, expedited tote and drum retrieval schedules, and environmental responsibility as three primary drivers of the company’s success.  Encore Container continues to invest in its expanding company and foresees continued momentum in both IBC totes and plastic drums sales.

 "Our main business is supplying plastic totes and plastic drums but it's our commitment to reliable service and our determination to be the fastest retrieval provider in the industry that sets us apart," said Chad Odom, CEO of Encore Container. "IBC totes can take up a significant amount of floor space so it is critical to select an empties-retrieval partner that has the capacity to remove this inventory quickly and efficiently."

 Encore's industrial containers include 220-gallon totes, 275-gallon totes and 330-gallon totes and bottles as well as 30-gallon, 35-gallon and 55/57-gallon plastic drums (open-head and closed-head plastic drums). All new and reconditioned drums, totes, tote tanks and tote cages meet rigorous regulatory and consumer standards. Industries served by Encore Container include pulp & paper, chemicals and food & beverage, to name a few.

 "We use the latest state-of-the-art processes and equipment to clean a wide range of totes and drums," Odom said. "Every new and reconditioned container that leaves our facility goes through an extensive quality assurance program. This commitment to quality - along with our fast and reliable service for retrieval and disposal - allow us to respond to our customers and make things easy for them."


 About Encore Container

 Encore Container is a leading manufacturer of industrial containers headquartered in Greenville, SC. With a focus on quality products, efficient logistics and dependable service, Encore Container is the only company in the industry that offers container manufacturing and reconditioning under one roof.

 The company provides IBC totes and plastic drums as well as services that include national trip-leasing and pick-up service for drum cleaning, refurbishing and recycling. For more information about Encore Container and its timely, cost-effective deliveries and pickups, call 864-277-2887 or visit www.encorecontainer.com.