Encore Container, Manufacturer of Plastic Drums and IBC Totes, Leads the Way in Environmental Sustainability

Greenville, SC - January 6, 2014 - Encore Container, a leading reconditioner of IBC totes and a manufacturer and reconditioner of plastic drums, has adopted several efforts to promote sustainability within the company: container reconditioning, plastic and steel recycling, water conservation and waste minimization. These efforts will continue to be a core focus for the company in 2014.

Chad Odom, CEO of Encore Container, said, "By reconditioning and recycling industrial containers, such as plastic drums and IBC totes, we limit our environmental impact while still delivering great products with the fastest service in the industry. In fact, our business model is founded on sustainability and being a good steward to our environment."

Container Reconditioning
One key way Encore Container serves the environment is by extending the life of industrial containers, including 30-gallon, 35-gallon and 57-gallon plastic drums and 220-gallon, 275-gallon and 330-gallon Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC totes).

"We receive containers from all over the United States thanks to our network of logistical contacts," said Odom. "We then process and recondition these containers to a level that meets all regulatory and consumer specifications for reuse, which includes cleaning, removing content identifiers and treating and disposing of any resulting waste."

Reused containers are then sold to chemical manufacturers for product packaging, thus extending their lifespan.

Plastic and Steel Recycling
When containers fail to meet acceptable standards for reuse, Encore Container recycles the plastic in-house and reuses the material on-site to manufacture open-head drums. These drums are made from 100% recycled plastic.

"In addition to recycling plastic for reuse in-house, we have relationships with steel recycling vendors, which allows us to recycle the steel from the support cages of IBC totes that don't meet standards for reuse," Odom explained. "Off-site steel recyclers process the cages and allow the steel to continue its life cycle in a variety of industrial uses."

Other Sustainability Efforts
Water plays a major role in the reconditioning process. Encore Container has created an innovative wash process that minimizes the use of fresh water through treatment, filtration, engineering controls, and continuous recycling. Fresh water is only introduced at the final rinse stage in the process, reducing the environmental impact and conserving nature's most precious resource.

"We also strive to minimize other waste produced at our facility," said Odom. "We screen incoming containers before accepting them for reconditioning to make sure they meet health and safety guidelines. We only accept empty containers, which minimizes waste both for us and for our end users."


About Encore Container
Encore Container is a leading manufacturer of industrial containers headquartered in Greenville, SC. With a focus on quality products, efficient logistics and dependable service, Encore Container is the only company in the industry that offers container manufacturing and reconditioning under one roof.

The company provides plastic drums and IBC totes, as well as services that include national trip-leasing and pick-up service for drum cleaning, refurbishing and recycling. For more information about Encore Container and its timely, cost-effective deliveries and pickups, call 864-277-2887 or visit www.encorecontainer.com.