Why Encore Container?


Listed below are 10 reasons why Encore Container is different from other vendors. As a matter of fact, Encore is the ONLY container management company that can offer customers ALL 10 advantages. These 10 items reveal why customers are selecting Encore Container as their preferred supplier and why customer-satisfaction levels are at their highest.

  1. We have the fastest lead time in the industry.
  2. Encore Container offers manufacturing and reconditioning under one roof, saving customers freight costs and improving response times.
  3. With door-to-door in 24 hours, client inventories are reduced and cash flow is improved.
  4. Customers never worry about seeing their product in sloppy containers. Encore Container offers an embarrassment-free product–the cleanest containers in the business (with no watermarks).
  5. All containers are stored indoors to eliminate ground contamination and sunlight degradation.
  6. Encore Container removes empty containers from your site and your customers' sites faster than anyone.
  7. Through Encore Container's Trip-Leasing program, customers reduce environmental liability.
  8. Encore Container offers new-bottle totes with reconditioned cages or totally reconditioned units. Exact customer specifications are matched and the cost is much lower than that of a new tote.
  9. Our plastic drums are made with two layers, allowing customers to choose a mix of virgin and regrind or make their own custom color combinations.
  10. Encore Container ensures timely deliveries as well as empty container pickups within 48 hours.

Who offers all 10 Advantages? Only Encore Container.

Contact Encore Container today to discuss your plastic drum and tote needs.