Plastic Drums & IBC Totes: Management Team


Chad Odom, CEO

Blayne Henderson, COO

Chas Key, Chief Compliance and Quality Officer


Chad Odom - CEO

Chad Odom is CEO of Encore Container. His roots to the container business as well as to his family and passions run deep as you will see from his work experience.

In 2007, Odom purchased the family pharmacy, where he worked as a teenager, from his father - making him and his brother third generations to own and manage The Pickwick. Noteworthy business vision included bringing back the soda fountain that was a popular fixture in the neighborhood community in the 1940s and 1950s as a way to compete against chains and preserve a bit of history. Also during this time, Odom started another company, this one focused on his lifelong passion and dreams - classic and muscle cars. The company, Palmetto Restorations, had a simple yet rare objective - to build a restoration business that would stand above the rest while providing absolute quality.

Prior to 2006, Odom was founder and CEO of Innovative Container for 5 years, manufacturing and reconditioning industrial containers. Their product line consisted of plastic drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), with services including national trip leasing and pick-up service for drum cleaning, reconditioning, and recycling. The business quickly took off, and in just two short years, was named the fastest growing company in SC in 2003 and number 9 in 2004 and 2005. During this time, Odom was also named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for manufacturing and services in 2004. The company was quickly purchased by BB&T.

Before Innovative Container and upon graduating from USC, Odom was hired as a warehouse supervisor in 1993 at Container Management Services, a privately-held company that manufactured plastic drums and containers. He worked his way up the ladder from shipping and receiving manager to plant manager to sales representative before starting Innovative Container in 2001.

Odom is an entrepreneur and a businessman dedicated to his community. He is active with the Odom Foundation and Boys Home of the South and was named the Corporate Volunteer of the Year in 2006. Odom's roots and dedication to USC are strong too, where in 2007 he was named as Distinguished Young Alumni for the Darla Moore School of Business and prior when selected to serve on the Moore School of Business Board of Advisors and the board of advisors for the USC Business Partnership Foundation from 2005-2007.

Blayne Henderson - COO

Blayne Henderson is COO and co-founder of Encore Container. After departing from his role as president at Innovative Container under the BB&T ownership, Henderson founded Coast Apparel in 2008 and served as the organization's CEO.

While at Innovative Container, Henderson helped establish the Innovative Container trucking business with a competitive, yet simple, strategy - providing customers with a lower cost and better, faster service. In his Vice President of Operations role, Henderson spent a great deal of time addressing the challenges of growth. He was responsible for logistics - securing trucks, materials, and machinery to keep the plant up and running and operating efficiently. As trucks were dispatched to retrieve drums, Henderson was responsible for backhauling these trucks, directly contributing to the bottom line and lowering expenses.

In addition to managing personnel and the logistics program, Henderson has vast experience in plastic machinery and has personally designed and overseen production for numerous pieces of molding, tote cleaning, and wastewater equipment. This background is significant contributor to Encore Container, giving the company a competitive edge, allowing them to manage environmental issues, and reducing the cost of production. As DHEC and the sewer authority arrive for quarterly sampling and annual inspections, Henderson is responsible for managing the ever-changing dynamics of wastewater and ensuring the company passes with flying colors to prevent fines and violations. Henderson also created a process to significantly reduce the volume of wastewater that the company discharges by reusing much of it over and over - again contributing to the bottom line.

Prior to working with Innovative Container, Henderson worked for Russell Stanley for seven years, starting as a part-time laborer and working his way up the ladder through six positions to become the Corporate Quality Manager for three plants. His experience at Russell Stanley included learning the basics of drum and tote recycling and the fundamentals of soap, pressure washing, and machinery operations. Henderson them progressed to guiding a group of five people on one production line to produce maximum throughput and then lastly to manage teams of people at multiple locations. This experience laid the groundwork and served as a rock-solid base for Henderson's future career at Encore Container.

Chas Key - Chief Compliance and Quality Officer

Chas Key is the CCO/CQO (Chief Compliance and Quality Officer) and co-founder of Encore Container. He has been active in industrial packaging since his time at Innovative Container and acts as Encore's director of environmental, safety, and DOT compliance as well as the director of the company quality system.

As previous founder of Pinnacle Container Services, Chas Key started the company in 2010 when he saw a need for a more customer-focused operation in the industry. At Pinnacle Container Services, customers were the most important priority, and Key wanted his company to place an emphasis on excellent communication, quality, and service. Under the leadership of Key, Pinnacle grew for 9 consecutive quarters while maintaining high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Prior to Pinnacle Container, Key spent 8 years at Innovative Container, a company that he helped grow to become one of the most respected and largest companies in the industry. Key started on the ground floor and assumed every role presented to him, including Plant Manager, Quality Manager, EHS Manager, and Director of Special Projects. In addition to his many responsibilities, he also set up multiple plants from conception through operation.

Key is an educated chemist (BS in Chemical Science from Florida State University) with a strong quality and EHS background. Prior to Innovative Container he worked in the areas of quality assurance, quality control, EHS management, and DOT compliance at several chemical manufacturing facilities. He has authored and implemented environmental, safety, quality, and operational practices and procedures throughout his professional career that has spanned over 15 years. Additionally, Key has extensive experience in the area of waste management and waste minimization, particularly in the area of wastewater treatment design and water recycling projects. This technical knowledge is implemented at Encore Container to ensure that containers are managed in a safe, environmentally responsible manner while also providing customers with a high quality product.