Encore Container Increases Production Capabilities & Manufacturers IBC Tote Bottles with State-of-the-Art Machinery 

Greenville, SC – March 5, 2015 – Encore Container, a leader in the plastic drums and IBC totes industry, has expanded its footprint with the investment of machinery to meet the growing demand for IBC containers. Because the supply of totes is often limited, Encore Container recently brought manufacturing in-house to better control supply and demand and to service accounts that do not have a consistent or dependable totes provider. Encore Container can now produce and ship drums, totes, and tote bottles within 24 hours, which is one of the fastest lead times in the container industry.

“We manufacture and recondition a wide range of IBC totes, including 275-gallon and 330-gallon,” said Chad Odom, CEO of Encore Container. “The most frequent comment we hear is that other suppliers take two to three weeks to ship orders because of the scarcity of inventory. Our new manufacturing production line ensures we are able to maintain a steady supply of tote bottles for quick shipment.”

The Encore Container IBC manufacturing process is unique in that the output is a universal bottle designed to fit all other manufacturers’ cages. The equipment includes a deformable head tool that allows precise distribution of plastic throughout the bottle, which also translates into less waste and greater cost control. “It keeps the bottles lightweight while still offering the best performance,” Odom explained. Another product differentiator is the valve outlet piercing needle, which eliminates the need to drill the valve and thus avoids plastic shavings in the bottle.

The new equipment allows Encore Container to manufacture IBC bottles with precision and cost-effectiveness, while still maintaining the highest quality standards. “Our experience producing bottles is vast and dates back many years, but this additional machinery has allowed us to innovate to meet the steep demands of the market today,” said Odom.

With this high-tech equipment, refined manufacturing processes, and commitment to quality assurance above all else, Encore Container is able to provide customers consistent, worry-free results. “Our customers rely on us for service and ease of doing business, and we make sure we deliver every time,” Odom said.


About Encore Container

Encore Container is a leading manufacturer and reconditioner of industrial containers headquartered in Greenville, SC. With a focus on quality products, efficient logistics and dependable service, Encore Container is the only company in the industry that offers container manufacturing and reconditioning under one roof.

The company provides IBC totes and plastic drums as well as services that include national trip-leasing and pick-up service for drum cleaning, refurbishing, and recycling. For more information about Encore Container and its timely, cost-effective deliveries and pickups, call 864-277-2887 or visit www.encorecontainer.com.