Plastic Drums

Plastic Drums: Components



In addition to IBC totes (including reconditioned totes and new, rebottled 275 gallon totes), Encore Container manufactures plastic drums made out of 100% virgin resin or 100% post-industrial resin, also known as "regrind". Because Encore Container makes many drums out of environmentally friendly regrind, costs to the customer are lower. Considerably less waste is sent to landfills, limiting our environmental impact.


Plastic Drum Sizes:   Colors:   Covers:
30 gallon drum (open head) black, blue, or custom solid or bung
35 gallon drum (open head) black, blue, or custom solid or bung
57 gallon drum (open head) black, blue, or custom solid or bung


What makes the Encore Container plastic drums better?

The Encore Container plastic drum has an integrated foot ring which provides stability and hand holds. Because of the drum design and additional amount of resin put into every drum, costly spills and clean-ups are practically eliminated. Encore Container's drums have a clean, smooth finish with no water marks.

Why Plastic Drums?

  • can store and transport most substances
  • are more durable than steel drums and can last longer periods
  • have impact and corrosion resistant qualities meaning more trips through reconditioning
  • require minimal cleaning between uses if the materials being shipped are similar
  • are lighter than steel drums which leads to reduced shipping cost
  • can be stored outdoors without rusting if the customer desires (Encore stores all drums indoors)
  • meet newer DOT/UN safety standards and serve a multitude of industries

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