IBC Totes

Reconditioned & New (Virgin) IBC Totes



In addition to plastic drums, Encore Container manufactures IBC Totes. Customers choose between reconditioned or new rebottled IBC totes. Tote cages and bottles can be made to meet customer specifications, and customers may request inventory that meets FDA approval as well. New and recycled IBC totes come in a variety of sizes and materials and are available in a translucent bottle color with two types of closure, either a quick disconnect valve (cam-lock) or Natural Pipe Thread (NPT) valve.


IBC Tote Sizes:   Pallet Type:   Closures:
220 gallon tote
wood, metal, or plastic cam-lock or NPT
275 gallon tote
wood, metal, or plastic cam-lock or NPT
330 gallon tote
wood, metal, or plastic cam-lock or NPT

Durable IBC Totes

IBC Totes are the most durable of the rigid bulk packaging options. Their strong exterior casing protects the inner container which is plastic, allowing for many shipping and storage efficiencies. Also, handling procedures are eased as forklifts and other loading devices can easily load/unload/transport IBC totes. IBC totes have diverse stacking options and are known for their ease of filling and dispensing.

Tote Bottles

Made out of 100% virgin resin material, Encore Container manufactures Tote Bottles in-house.  These FDA-certified Tote Bottles are available in 275 and 330 gallon sizes with a wide assortment of fittings, closures and valves available. A truckload, consisting of 90 bottles, can be delivered in just 2 to 3 days.

Please contact Encore Container today to discuss your IBC tote, tote bottle and plastic drum needs.