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IBC totes and plastic drums - Encore Container recycles the plastic fallout from our reconditioning plastic drums and IBC totes to make new plastic drums.


Encore Container is committed to sustainability and to being a good steward to our environment. Recycling industrial containers, such as plastic drums and IBC totes, is our business. By extending the useful life of these containers, we limit our environmental impact through recycling exercises and water conservation.

55 gallon plastic drums and 275 gallon totes are made from recycled plastic fallout from reconditioning process.

Plastic Fallout

We recycle the plastic fallout from our reconditioning process to make new plastic drums in our manufacturing line. Additionally, we also recycle the steel fallout through arrangements with steel recycling companies.

Encore Container conserves water through the innovative design of our IBC tote and 57/35/30 gallon plastic drums.

Water Conservation

Encore Container conserves water through an innovative design of our wash process that minimizes use through reverse plumbing, solids removal and filtration, and water reuse.

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