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Chas Key

In addition to IBC totes (including reconditioned totes and new, rebottled 275 gallon totes), Encore Container manufactures plastic drums made out of 100% virgin resin. Chas Key CCO/CQO

Chas Key is the CCO/CQO (Chief Compliance and Quality Officer) and co-founder of Encore Container. He has been active in industrial packaging since his time at Innovative Container and acts as Encore's director of environmental, safety, and DOT compliance as well as the director of the company quality system.

As previous founder of Pinnacle Container Services, Chas Key started the company in 2010 when he saw a need for a more customer-focused operation in the industry. At Pinnacle Container Services, customers were the most important priority, and Key wanted his company to place an emphasis on excellent communication, quality, and service. Under the leadership of Key, Pinnacle grew for 9 consecutive quarters while maintaining high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Prior to Pinnacle Container, Key spent 8 years at Innovative Container, a company that he helped grow to become one of the most respected and largest companies in the industry. Key started on the ground floor and assumed every role presented to him, including Plant Manager, Quality Manager, EHS Manager, and Director of Special Projects. In addition to his many responsibilities, he also set up multiple plants from conception through operation.

Key is an educated chemist (BS in Chemical Science from Florida State University) with a strong quality and EHS background. Prior to Innovative Container he worked in the areas of quality assurance, quality control, EHS management, and DOT compliance at several chemical manufacturing facilities. He has authored and implemented environmental, safety, quality, and operational practices and procedures throughout his professional career that has spanned over 15 years. Additionally, Key has extensive experience in the area of waste management and waste minimization, particularly in the area of wastewater treatment design and water recycling projects. This technical knowledge is implemented at Encore Container to ensure that ibc totes and containers are managed in a safe, environmentally responsible manner while also providing customers with a high quality product.

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